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Tamron 17-35mm f2.8-4 Di OSD - Canon

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From Tamron, comes this full-frame compatible wide angle lens, the 17-35mm f2.8-4 DI OSD. This lens release will be looked upon as particularly useful for those full-frame users looking for a low-price, lightweight option, that still produces pleasing results. A fast maximum aperture rating is maintained throughout, which is great for travelling light and shooting handheld, while the included OSD autofocus system produces not only speedy AF speeds, but also near-silent performance. Thanks to the moisuture-resistant construction the Tamron 17-35mm can continue exploring in less than perfect weather conditions.

  • Fast and Quiet OSD AF system
  • Moisture-resistant construction
  • Bright f2.8-4 aperture
  • Fluorine coating
  • Compatible with Tamron TAP-in console, for future firmware updates
In stock
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2 years Australian Warranty
Tamron's new lightweight and affordable wide-angle lens for full-frame If you are the owner of a full-frame DSLR body and you are on the lookout for a lightweight and affordable wide-angle zoom lens, the new Tamron 17-35mm f2.8-4 is ready and waiting. The versatile zoom range of this lens will come in particularly handy for lovers of landscape, documentary, and travel photography, just to name a few. Throughout this zoom range, a respectable maximum aperture is maintained (f2.8-4), which is superb for anyone wishing to travel light and leave their tripod at home. This lens lets in plenty of light, so you don't need to worry too much about camera-shake ruining your next day trip. Tamron's...
More Information
Manufacturer Tamron
Product Type Lenses
Lens Mount Canon E-F (Full Frame)
Warranty Years 2 years
  • Tamron AF 17-35mm F2.8-F4 FF DI OSD
  • Lens Hood
  • Front and Rear Lens caps
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