Sony FDRAXP55 4K Projector Digital Video Camera

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4K Videos

The Sony FDR - AXP55 records videos at 4K resolution giving you a rich viewing experience with true to life details . The 4K resolution of these videos is beneficial for clear viewing on the large display panels supporting a high resolution. It contains 4 times more detail than Full HD videos.

Exmor R Sensor Exclusive for 4K

The updated Exmor-R sensor is 1.6 times in size compared to FDR-AX/P3x series. The larger size of sensor can capture beautiful videos in diverse lighting conditions. You can use this handycam for professional purposes and be assured of final output which has good amount of detail and accurate colours.

20X Wide Zoom with Zeiss Optics

The upgraded 20X zoom extends 3mm more on the wider side giving you more versatility while capturing spaces. The overall zoom range is highly functional for multiple purposes including electronic news gathering and documentary film making also. The Zeiss Vario Sonnar T lens features a maximum aperture of f/2.0-f/3.8 facilitating you to record brighter looking videos in dark atmosphere. The optical resolution of the lens is suitable to help the sensor capture those details which you enjoy looking at.

Intuitive and Fast Auto Focus

The AF system is fast in detecting movements and can be locked on the subject at the touch of the finger giving you maximum advantage to capture the entire action sequence. Improved face detection makes sure that smiles are well captured and happiness recorded perfectly. With the advanced algorithm, its ability to predict the movements and track them effectively have been dramatically improved.

5 Axis Optical Stabilization

Balanced Optical Steady Shot has intelligent 5 axis stabilization which suppresses the effect of vibrations and ensures a smooth output. With the use of Active mode in settings, you can make the motion of video steady and also the quality in the details in the focused areas of picture.

5.1 Channel Audio

The 5.1 channel zoom microphone can capture environmental sounds to create a surround sound effect. The improved structure of microphone can reduce the unwanted noise by up to 40%. My Voice Cancelling feature can distinguish your voice from your subject's voice and selectively suppress yours such that it does not disturb. Using Stereo Mini Jack you can add a sound from external source like a lapel mic or a keyboard for interviews or concerts.

Freedom to Capture Wirelessly

The Sony FDR - AXP55 combines the ease of operation and professional output in a meaningful way. You can now cater to the need of controlling your camera while taking care of other production related tasks from your NFC enabled smartphone. One touch capturing and sharing functions make the whole workflow easy and you can concentrate more on your subject.

WiFi Sync

WiFi Sync adds a wonderful functionality to sync multiple Sony cameras together and start recording at a touch of a button through remote. With this added ability, you are able to blend different views seamlessly and enrich final video output. The camera has a unique Upstream feature which can transmit the videos wirelessly for any real time broadcast.

Built In Projector

The built in projector of the camera features a 50 lumen brightness. You can share content shot on the camera and even share the visuals from other devices compatible through Micro HDMI cable. Both the capabilities of capturing and sharing on together ma

Dual Recording Formats

The video can be captured simultaneously into two different file formats. One of the XAVCS or AVCHD can be chosen which is helpful for editing and MP4 format is compact and easy to share. Smaller file size allows you to easily share the unedited data with your team to consider their feedback before starting your work on editing table. Time Code and User Bit feature facilitate the professionals with even more editing options present before them

Bright LCD and Electronic Viewfinder

Xtra Fine LCD with white magic uses white pixels illuminates the screen better than ordinarily LCD display panels. Electronic View Finder provides you the accurate preview and ability to shoot under the bright summer sun.

Multi Interface Accessory Shoe

Multi Interface(MI) Accessory Shoe opens up the scope of camera use in diverse ways. You can add LED lights, Boom Microphone with XLR sockets and larger Hooded Monitors designed for professionals. Desired option can be chosen from wide range of products(sold separately) by Sony with MI compatibility.

Highlight Movie Maker

Highlight Movie Maker is a software feature within the camera that helps you put together all the automatically and manually selected scenes in an interesting audio visual presentation. A short selection of music tracks and transition blend all the visuals in a pleasant manner

Motion Shot Video and Golf Shot

Using Motion Shot Video, you can generate a dramatic superimposed sequence of various steps in action video for the review purpose. The intervals between these steps can be chosen from the designated options. Golf shot allows the whole action of your swing to be recorded and split into stills for its analysis.

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