Nikon F Mount Adapter

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  • Fits F-Mount NIKKOR lenses to Cameras
  • Suitable for AF-S or AF-I NIKKOR lens
  • Allows use of Nikon 1 Autofocus
  • High SpeedContinuous Shooting
  • Vibration Reduction
  • Multiplies Focal Length by 2.7 Times
  • Used with Exposure Modes
  • Focus Indicator and Fixed Tripod Mount

The Nikon FT1 Lens Mount Adapter allows you to use a huge range of F-Mount NIKKOR lenses (those designed for use with Nikon D-SLR/SLR cameras) with your Nikon 1 series compact system camera. And when you use an AF-S or AF-INIKKOR lens, you can still make full use of the incredible Nikon 1 autofocus system. 

The Mount Adapter attaches to the camera body and the F Mount NIKKOR lens is then attached to the adapter. The FT1 will multiply the focal length of the F-mount Nikkor lens by 2.7 times, e.g. a 50mm focal length lens becomes a 135mm. 

  • To use the FT-1, the Nikon 1 J1/V1 camera's firmware must be updated to at least version 1.10.
  • Shooting in Motion Snapshot mode is only possible when focus has been acquired with an AF-S lens.
  • The Smart Photo Selector function cannot be used.
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