We know how tough it could be preparing to have your child’s passport or visa photo taken. The expert team at Parramatta Cameras have put together 3 Tips for having the best passport photo taken for your child or baby when you visit us in store at Westfield’s Parramatta.

1. Make sure your child/baby is fully awake and alert

It is best to bring your baby in after they have woken up and at their most active and happiest. This is helpfully for a few reasons;

  • Correct facial expression for Passport Photo. (Babies just like adults have to a neutral expression. Babies that have been woken up for their Photo tend to not have a relax/ neutral expression)
  • Babies eyes are fully open focused on the camera. (If your baby has been woken up to take their Photo or still asleep, they are less likely to focus on the camera with a wide-open eye which helps to capture a Photo suitable for Passports/ Visas)

If your baby has been woken up or still asleep the photo is mostly to result in a grumpy face or halve asleep expression for their Passport Photo and or Photo being Rejected for your Application.

We Recommend timing your visit around your Baby/child’s nap time.  New-borns tend to sleep often and wake for short periods of time, it is best to let your Baby wake up before visiting the store.2.2.

2. Colour/ Patterned Clothing

It is best to wear a contrasting colour to the background of your Passport/Visa Photo. Most Passports/ Visa are on a White background, so it is best to bring your baby/child in any other colour than white.

3. Be Ready.

We recommend having your babies/child ready to take their Photo just before you come into the store e.g. dressed, hair brushed, face clean, etc. This helps get the best possible Passport/ Visa Photo.

Get your child's passport or visa taken at Parramatta Cameras! Visit our trained experts in our photo lab at Shop 2101-2103 Argyle St, Parramatta NSW 2150. No appointment required.

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