In the last few months, a lot of us have been in front of a camera much more than we’re used to and have faced the joys and challenges of video streaming. Full disclosure - being behind the camera is much more comfortable sometimes. But while our position in relation to the device we’re using doesn’t always depend on our wishes, the choice of video streaming cameras and equipment is entirely in our hands. Many individuals and organisations have had to adapt over the last year with restrictions placed on indoor gatherings, religious services, conferences and events. This means that schools, religious groups and many businesses have had to invest in high quality video streaming equipment or services to go about their normal day-to-day activities. When an external factor as large as a pandemic causes such disruption, there’s a huge difference between your phone’s selfie camera, your webcam on your laptop and a high-quality video streaming camera.

Thankfully, by the time we had to migrate online and start relying on streaming for a lot of face-to-face interaction - personal and professional, video streaming cameras could offer quality that makes it hard to tell whether we’re interacting in real life or through a screen. We still hope to eventually get to have coffee in the same room again, but until then, it’s reassuring to know that we can continue to work and connect even from a distance.

But which are the best cameras for video streaming?

One of those professional video streaming cameras, that might even make the world look a touch better, is the SONY HXR-NX80. It features a stacked 1" Exmor RS CMOS sensor, a 12x Zeiss optical zoom for stunning contrast and resolution, and a 3.5" touchscreen LCD monitor. Whether it’s a broadcast or a television production, a corporate or private event, this camcorder can deliver stunning image clarity.

SONY knows what a professional video streaming camera needs - it boasts a 4K High Dynamic Range, Fast Hybrid AF and Wide AF Coverage, and offers precise subject tracking and highly accurate focusing. The tracking depth range and subject switching sensitivity give it incredible versatility, so your preferred subjects and styles will never be out of reach (or focus). You can always go at your own pace with Sony's Slow & Quick Motion and rest easy in the safety of two SD memory cards.

All of that - in the palm of your hand. Video streaming from anywhere, at any time, has quickly become one of the developments we take for granted, and high quality has become something we expect without even thinking about it. It makes sense. A professional video streaming camera is one of those investments that you know will repay you again and again and again. On the point of video streaming from anywhere, another unique feature found on the SONY HXR-NX80 video camera is the ability to stream wirelessly to a wireless router or mobile phone hotspot. Easily navigate through the intuitive menu, choose a suitable file format, choose your preferred Wifi network (Router or Mobile Hotspot) and then choose from the Real-Time Message Protocal (RTMP) preset modes for connecting to popular social networks like Youtube, Facebook and Vimeo. Please watch the video below for more information on connecting the SONY HXR-NX80 video wirelessly.


Another impressive performer in that category is the Canon XA50 and its almost identical twin (more on that in a second) the Canon XA55 - professional 4K camcorders offering stunning HD footage. Reliable and easy to operate, these video streaming cameras are packed with everything you need for fantastic image and sound - 1" CMOS Sensor, UHD 4K capture, 15x optical zoom lens and two XLR audio inputs. Thanks to all that, they also bring better dynamic range, better noise performance and low light is hardly a challenge.

What makes the Canon XA55 that tiny bit more of a social butterfly are the 3G-SDI outputs, but both cameras are equally capable of fully capturing the beauty and motion of one such butterfly. They feature a highly intuitive 3" touchscreen, optical and electronic 5-axis stabiliser, fast- and slow-motion recording and Canon’s unique Dual Pixel for a vivid, stable image and pinpoint focus. Everything you need for professional video streaming, packed into a compact and lightweight body, so you don’t need to hit the gym to manage a full day of shooting. Please watch the video below for more information on the differences between the Canon XA50 and XA55 video cameras.

Professional video streaming for a stunning content

Someone once (must have) said - if you’re going to do something, do it right. While content is king, its rule would be pretty short, if it couldn’t be broadcast to the world. Professional video streaming quality makes good content shine and, more than just making it more appealing, it achieves that magical balance between lending credibility and feeding the beautiful mystery of how we got here. To a place where we can connect with people from literally every corner of the world in stunning HD.