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Professional Vlogging with effortless control


If you're into vlogging and live streaming, there's no way you haven't heard about the new Sony Alpha ZV-E10.

The Alpha ZV-E10 takes full advantage of the many α technologies introduced in the last two years and integrates them in a dedicated interchangeable-lens vlogging camera. Additionally, many vlog-centric features found in the ZV-1 camera are also included, such as greater rendering of skin tones and Soft Skin Effect, to further smooth skin appearance. This, paired with the ability to change lenses, offers unparalleled expression for aspiring and professional Vloggers.

Blur backgrounds with the press of a button. The Alpha ZV-E10 supports the Background Defocus function - simply press the Bokeh Switch button and the Alpha ZV-E10 instantly goes to the widest aperture value of the attached lens for instant bokeh. Furthermore, the Alpha ZV-E10 also supports Product Showcase Mode. When presenting products to the camera, Product Showcase Mode instantly changes AF and image stablisation values to prioritise products which are held to the camera, then quickly focus back to the presenter.

Clearly record voices from either in front or behind the Alpha ZV-E10 thanks to the Directional 3-capsule Microphone. Incredible sound gathering performance and subtle noise reduction offers deeper realism from the audio captured.For greater audio recording, the Alpha ZV-E10 also supports Digital Audio Interface. When paired with compatible microphones, superior audio fidelity is recorded with minimal digital noise.

With no need to install additional software, the Alpha ZV-E10 works as a high quality webcam. A no fuss setup, webcam functionality can be set to a custom button for instant high- quality video and audio output. Additionally, the Alpha ZV- E10 also allows livestreaming via a USB cable. Easily connect the Alpha ZV-E10 to a smartphone or PC via a USB cable connection to deliver live video and audio.

Along with the many Vlogging features, the Alpha ZV-E10 is also a more than capable stills camera. With a 24.2 MP image sensor and expandable ISO range up to 50-51,200, the Alpha ZV-E10 can deliver stunning photos capable of large-scale printing. Powered by Real-time Tracking, Sony’s AI based autofocus provides incredibly fast eye autofocus for both humans and animals. Capture burst shots with the high- speed continuous shooting at up to 11fps with AF/AE tracking.

This is a not-to-be-missed camera for any incluencer or creative.

Top three Reasons we think you will love this camera

  • 24.2MP APS-C Exmor CMOS Sensor & BIONZ X image processor
  • Soft Skin Effect and refined colours for skin tone
  • Vari-angle LCD Screen
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