With Christmas a week or so away, gift ideas are becoming the most valuable of commodities, aside from, you know, the actual perfect gift that you’re looking for. We come prepared. Do you need some gift ideas for the video enthusiasts in your life, the vlogging-invested and drone-curious? We’ve got you!

#1 Gift idea - For the selfie fan in need of a bit more stability and flexibility - BENRO BK15 MINI TRIPOD AND SELFIE STICK -$69

Nothing says I know you like filming yourself and I’m willing to put up with it like a tripod and selfie stick. As far as gift ideas go, this is a pretty simple one but executed to perfection with Benro BK15 Mini. From a compact 8.8" beauty to a 35.8" monster, weighing a modest 300 grams, but capable of supporting up to 998 grams - this tripod and selfie stick can do some heavy lifting and impressive flexing. The secret to good gift ideas is covering all your bases and, because bonus gifts are the best, you also get a removable Bluetooth remote, a smartphone holder and an action cam adapter.


#2 Gift idea - For the sound and light conscious vlogger - ALFOTO AF-99 VLOGGERS VIDEO KIT - DIRECTORS HOME STUDIO -$199

Shiny and useful - for when you want gift ideas that will impress long after the holidays, this studio is a stellar pick for any enthusiastic new vlogger, who wants to enhance their content with amazing sound and lighting. Perfect image is just not enough to stand out and be heard. The condenser microphone in Alfoto AF-99 captures speech and delicate sounds in order to lift your audio quality to the next level. Then - let there be light! A LED ring light is truly the gift that keeps on giving. It is perfect for a live video broadcast and attuned to the needs of the YouTube style. Bright and versatile solution and a multi-option stand that lets you really play around. Again, the little extras are truly the cherry on top of our gift ideas. Here you get an ON AIR light box, three different types Adaptors, mobile holders, ballhead and a cable for your light box.

#3 Gift idea - For the GoPro diehards - GOPRO WET BAG -$19

True GoPro fans are hard to shop for, especially when they have all the gadgets. This GoPro wet bag is among our gift ideas as one of the cool little bits they might not yet have. A solid 10L capacity, water resistant (obviously!), with a convenient over shoulder strap, dependable in dry or wet weather conditions, this is the perfect place for your precious gear.

#4 Gift idea - For the ones always on the go - DJI OSMO MOBILE 3 -$159

It takes a special kind of tech to keep up with the travel and video enthusiasts, but we know exactly what they’d like. Something smart and easy to use, small and light, but able to handle all their shenanigans - DJI OSMO MOBILE 3 finds a place among our gift ideas. This lightweight, ultra-portable smartphone gimbal has it all and then some. Easy to fold and carry around, it weighs a mere 405 grams, but has up to 15 hours of battery life. Go a little crazy and trust it to provide smooth and stable support for your exciting video. An ergonomic grip for comfort, locking latches for security, Sport Mode so it can keep up no matter the pace, Quick Roll for easy switching between landscape and portrait, Story Mode for social media sharing, Gesture Control and Dolly Zoom. It’s truly the ultimate gift for the person you can barely keep up with.


#5 Gift idea - For the beginner drone enthusiasts - DJI TELLO DRONE -$169

Raising the bar of gift ideas for the ones who aren’t satisfied with just filming on the ground and want to test the world of drones. Imagine gifting someone the power of flight - pretty nifty. DJI Tello Drone is fun and exciting and easy to put into action from the get go. Like the best trained bird, it takes off and lands in your hand and, like more and more 21st century things, it’s controlled by your phone. Once in the air, it can treat you to some awesome aerial tricks, thanks to its small form factor and smart Intel processor. All you need is the Tello app that comes completely free and the time to play around with the intuitive controls. The camera at the front can capture 5MP photos in flight and stream 720p video straight back to your smartphone. Compatible with Bluetooth controllers for more traditional flight and a VR-headset for some FPV flying. It’s also programmable with Scratch - a visual coding system, which can teach you the basics of programming or let you develop your own software applications. Any gift ideas are good ideas if you know the person you’re buying for and our ultimate suggestion? It’s been a long year, get them something fun to play around with!