The perfect moment is a temporary thing, unless you capture it with the new NIKON Z 7II. It is reassuring to know that, even in an imperfect world, where not that long ago we couldn’t even unanimously agree on the colour of a dress (and weren’t those the good old days), there still exist those rare, perfect moments, when the whole world seems to hold its breath for a millisecond. It is empowering to know that we can capture those moments with the NIKON Z 7II. That, once in a while, the stars or sunbeams (time of day is irrelevant when you have stunning low light AF performance) align - every surface is illuminated by the perfect amount of light, the angle is just right, the colours are more than just bright and the only thing left to do is make sure that the image doesn’t slip away.

We are getting better with the new NIKON Z 7II

Now, a new generation of mirrorless cameras and an ocean of possibilities have opened to us along with the shutter of Nikon Z 7II. They say all good things come in threes and that appears to hold true when talking about the key elements that give the NIKON Z 7II system its extraordinary high resolution.

First, no detail is too small and no subject too large for a 45.7-megapixel resolution and Z mount system of the new NIKON Z 7II. From sprawling landscapes and explosions of colour to crow’s feet and soft twilight. Imperfections are out, every single detail is in, and you can capture any expression, no matter how fleeting or nuanced.

Second, NIKON Z 7II’s dual EXPEED 6 image-processing engines are the lasso that makes sure no perfect moment will ever slip away and maximizes the astounding resolution power at your fingertips. The pace is faster and smoother, so you can shoot confidently and continuously. The word “lag” is not part of our vocabulary anymore and, with triple the buffer capacity, it’s safe to say that FOMO is a thing of the past.

Lastly, we have the superior rendering characteristics of NIKKOR Z lenses, allowed to demonstrate their full potential for an optical performance that is one step away from being pure magic. Spectacular clarity, smooth focus and super colour mean that even the sky is no longer the limit. You choose the subject and display mode and the new sharpening parameters of Nikon Z 7II take care of the rest.

Chasing the perfect shot with the Nikon Z 7II

New, cutting-edge technology is always impressive, but it’s also just plain exciting with the Nikon Z 7II. Images so sharp you can feel the texture under your fingertips and colours so vibrant you can feel the light warming your skin. The exploration is half the fun. Nikon Z 7II’s dust and drip resistance performance is on par with the Nikon Z 7II, so that the only limit to where and when you can shoot is your own sense of self-preservation. With 2 card slots you can be generous with yourself and secure in the knowledge that the SD (UHS-II) card slot gives you extra back-up, while the CF express card compatibility guarantees the smooth transfer of all your data. The only risks here are the ones you want to take to catch that perfect shot with the Nikon Z 7II.

Let’s talk about the battery life of the new Nikon Z 7II

It’s 2020 and battery life is not something you should have to worry about especially with the new Nikon Z 7II. Battery packs, USB cable hanging from a trusty power bank, the new optional vertical-shooting battery pack MB-11 (with better camera-lens balance thrown in to sweeten the deal) - this camera is making a solid bet for immortality in the field.

And we’re certainly not going to turn down some extra excitement right now. These days the world is moving so fast that sometimes we forget that we have the means to capture those flashes of perfect light and astonishing colour, those simply beautiful emotions and unexpected or carefully planned adventures that we hope to revisit again and again. Not everything needs to be everlasting or understood. Frankly, why would we ever want to catch lightning in a bottle, when we can capture it in the perfect shot with the new Nikon Z 7II?